Kindle Reader Price & Review

Kindle Reader Price & Review

Kindle Reader Price & Review

Kindle Reader Price & Review : Introducing New Kinder Reader with a built-in front light and audible.

Kindle Reader Price & Review

Kindle Reader Price & Review

This model is designed by Amazon with the slim design and large 6 inches glare-free touchscreen display.

Product Features :

  • This model comes with built-in adjustable front light that lets you read comfortably for hours both indoors and outdoors, day and night.
  • Featuring a large 6 inches 167 ppi glare-free touchscreen display, optimized font technology, 16-level gray scale that make it perfect for reading purpose.  It make kindle to be read like real paper even in the direct sunlight.
  • At-a-tap controls – Allow you to read with distraction-free. You can convenient with features including highlight passages, look up definitions, translate words, and adjust text size while reading without distraction or without ever leaving the page.
  • Go beyond a book, the kindle can hold thousands of books with 8 GB of storage, so you can take all with you everywhere.
  • Millions of contents, books, newspapers, and audiobooks to select from, that allows you to create your own library.
  • Kindle holds thousands of titles so you can take your library with you.
  • Fast downloads and Free cloud storage for all Amazon contents.
  • Prime Reading allow prime members to read free sample before you decide to buy of unlimited access to over a thousand titles.
  • Long battery life, a single battery charge lasts up to 4 weeks, not hours.  Less charge time, fully charges in approximately 4 hours from a 5W USB power adapter or computer via USB cable.
  • Support multiple format including Kindle Format 8 (AZW3), Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, unprotected MOBI, PRC natively; HTML DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PMP through conversion; Audible audio format (AAX).

Kindle Reader Review

Product Dimension : 160 x 113 x 8.7 mm

Weight : 6.1 ounces

Screen Size : 6″ glare-free

Storage : 8 GB

Resolution : 167 ppi

Front Light : 4 LEDs

Color : Black

Manufacturer : Amazon

Warranty : 12 MONTHS

Kindle Reader

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