Google Wifi Mesh Price & Review

Google Wifi Mesh Price & Review

Google Wifi Mesh Price & Review

Google Wifi Mesh Price & Review : Introducing New Google Wifi pack3 for your smart home that fast, reliable Wi-Fi, and secure.

Google Wifi Mesh Price & Review

Google Wifi Mesh Price & Review

This model is designed for whole home coverage, up to 4500 square feet to create a mesh network that work together on every device in every room.

Product Features :

  • Expand your home network with flexible Google mesh wifi system for whole home coverage that reliable, keep buffering at bay and keep the fast connection in everywhere in your home.
  • Google Wifi Pack3 covers up to 4500 square feet (1 Pack covers up to 1500 square feet), all work together to add more points and create a mesh network for more coverage.  
  • Compatible with all Google Wifi points and can be added to any existing Nest Wifi system.
  • Keeps buffering at bay without disruption, it allows you to stream a 4K video in one room and make a video call with friends from another at the same time without disruption.
  • Intelligently works behind the scenes to make sure your Wifi remains fast, easily manage and control your home Wifi system in a few taps, it lets you prioritize devices, check network speeds, set up a guest network, and more via app from anywhere.
  • Easy to set up with a few steps, use the Google Home app to create your home network and get online in minutes. 
  • Ensure highest security and privacy with automatic security updates to help your network stay safe while remain privacy as it won’t track the sites you visit or sell your info.
  • Parental controls for parents to take control online time, manage screen time, restrict certain kinds of adult content, block explicit content and pause Wifi to specific devices on your mesh network whenever you want.

Google Wifi Mesh Review

Product Dimension : 4.17 x 4.18 x 2.7 inches

Weight : 12 ounces

Color : White

Item model number : GJ2CQ

Manufacturer : Google

Warranty : 12 MONTHS

Google Wifi Mesh

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