Cisco RV325 Price and Review

cisco rv325

Cisco RV325 Price and Review

Cisco RV325 price and review, the Gigabit Dual WAN VPN Router supports Internet connections of second-line mode can be configured to include Redundant or Load Balance the speed of the Internet.

cisco rv325 Price and Review
Cisco RV325 Price and Review

Cisco RV325 Price and Review

Product Features

  • Cisco RV320 as VPN / Load Balanced Router supports Load Balance / Failover 2 Gigabit WAN ADSL connection has two lines.
  • Support VPN IPsec 25 IPsec site-to-site, 25 IPSec VPN tunnels, 10 SSL VPN tunnels, 10 PPTP tunnels
  • Support Performance IPsec VPN throughput 100 Mbps, SSL VPN Throughput 20 Mbps, Concurrent Connections 20,0000.
  • Number two channels with USB or AC adapter into the USB Storage (3G / 4G Modem) cards with up to two machines.
  • Supports NAT and Port Address Translation (PAT), One-to-one NAT, NAT traversal.
  • Supports Port forwarding 30 entries and Port triggering 30 entries.
  • Firewall supports a SPI firewall, Denial of service (DoS), ping of death, SYN flood, land attack, IP spoofing, email alert for hacker attack.
  • A LAN with four 100/1000 Mbps channel number.
  • Measuring 206 x 132 x 44 mm.

Cisco RV325

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