Awareness book Anthony de Mello

awareness book

Awareness book Anthony de Mello

is the international bestseller book.

awareness book Anthony de Mello
Awareness book Anthony de Mello

Awareness book  Anthony de Mello : Awareness is an eye-opener. Do you know yourself?. The book combining spiritual understanding to the spiritual teachings through lectures.  The book lively and straightforward storytelling with fun. We have to be aware. Free yourself from the mechanism of mind tricks and illusion.  To give your life an open space from within and let the love has sprung up in its own possibilities.

“I do not claim that you have made me happy. I have no pleasure in you. If you leave me I do not pity myself.  I was exhilarated to have fellowship with you, but I do not stick.

Where there is love,  there was no claim, no expectations,  no reliance.

I was enjoying the fellowship does not really stick to what I was exhilarated, not you. But what is even bigger than you and me. I discovered Symphony bands. This one played the melody of your existence. But when you’re gone, the band did not stop playing.  When I meet someone else, the band played another tune. It’s very entertaining, too. When I’m alone, the band still played on. That is a great song that never stop playing.”

Who is in you? How do you feel when you ask yourself this question? When you think you are free, but the gesture, thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and belief in you may influenced from others. When you feel strongly about something and you think that’s you.  You never know if that comes to live with you as the machine, or that’s really you. You really need to be more aware of that, so you understand that what you call the ‘Me’.  Sometimes Me is the only the conditions and multiple applications about you.

Awareness book Anthony de Mello

The heart of the spiritual teachings of this book is the awareness, especially for self-realization, knowing yourself and understanding the world.

  • If we cannot even understand ourselves?  How can we change them if we are not understand the mind itself?
  • How can we have relationships with people smoothly?  If we do not know conflict in our own hearts?

The author, Anthony de Mello, who is both a psychiatrist and a priest who always think outside the box.  He insists that we need to aware ourselves first by watching what happens in us without judgement and challenging ourselves to wake up in every aspect of our lives.

About Author – Anthony de Mello was an Indian psychotherapist and priest.  He was the founder and director of Sadhana Institute of Pastoral Counseling.  For more than 18 years experience as a spiritual teacher, writer and public speaker, he wrote several books on spirituality and psychology including “Awareness“.

Awareness Book Anthony de Mello

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